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Knowing Your Needs


Does your story sound like this?


You’ve been dreaming of spending more time in the south, escaping the Canadian winters or even moving to Florida permanently. Maybe you want to retire, start a business or invest in real estate.  

But you’re wondering “How can I obtain a visa or a Green Card? How can I get health insurance?  Do I need to sell everything before I leave Canada?  What happens with my retirement accounts?  Can I own a house in Canada and one in Florida? Can I keep my Canadian citizenship and have a Green Card? Where do I start? Where can I find all these answers?”


You start sharing your idea with family members and friends, and everyone claims to have the right answers for you.  And that’s how you get misled and make costly mistakes. A cross-border move needs a lot of preparation and planning months ahead.  This is how we can strategize and mitigate your tax costs before exiting Canada. At Cross Border Associates, we have all your answers.

You can reach us for a free consultation and let us create a roadmap for you and your family.

A few things to consider before crossing the border:

Beach Vacation


  • What to do with registered accounts?

  • What about the money left in accounts in Canada?

  • How are assets held in Canada still taxed?

  • Understanding the US tax system and how to coordinate the taxes paid in the US with those paid in Canada

  • What are the benefits of the Canada-US Tax Treaty?

  • How to obtain US healthcare?

  • How to qualify for social security?

  • What are US estate taxes?

  • Should I have an estate plan?

  • Can I become a US citizen and keep my Canadian citizenship?

  • What is the best structure if I operate a business in Canada?

  • What would be the best structure if I want to operate a business in the United States?

Mountains Meet Lake


  • What to do with retirement accounts?

  • What about the money left in accounts in the US?

  • Understanding the tax system, because you still must file US returns and Canadian returns on all income

  • What are the benefits of the Canada-US Tax Treaty?

  • How do I get healthcare in Canada?

  • OAS / CPP or QPP and US social security questions?

  • Should we have a US estate plan and a Canadian estate plan?

  • Do US estate taxes still apply to me?

  • Should I become a Canadian citizen and retain my US citizenship?

  • What is the best structure for a business that operates in Canada?

Things to Consider
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