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Concierge Services

Concierge Services

A cross-border move requires a

sound preparation in order to avoid

the financial setbacks and mistakes

typically inherent with a move to the

United States.  Our planning services

will help you plot a course through

the complexities of living a cross-border

lifestyle, to enjoy the best choices that

both countries have to offer.




  • First, we will spend time understanding your goals and your financial situation

  • Then we assist you as you work with an immigration attorney

  • We help you understand and obtain US healthcare

  • We will look at a strategy to optimize your retirement accounts

  • We will review and help you mitigate tax costs, explore strategies to help reduce your combined Canada and US taxes

  • We will introduce you to the US estate tax system and be given strategies to mitigate any exposure to potential US estate taxes

  • You will receive customized reports that will answer your questions and guide you through your cross-border move

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Tax Planning
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Tax Planning and Preparation Services


Through our combined experience, we have assisted clients in virtually all aspects of cross-border tax planning and compliance. Our clients’ profiles range from mobile professionals such as doctors, university researchers and professors, business executives, airline pilots and professional athletes, as well as numerous individuals, either active or retired, enjoying a cross-border lifestyle. At the corporate level, we have helped clients set up subsidiaries or branch offices across both borders using the assistance of our competent and capable business professionals at our disposal such as immigration attorneys, bankers, wealth managers and estate planning attorneys.


  • Personal Income taxes Canadian T1-TP1, S 216, S217, American 1040-1040NR

  • Immigration/ emigration and expat tax compliance and planning issues

  • Applying the US Canada Tax Treaty as an effective tax planning tool

  • Foreign Bank Account Reporting

  • Streamlined Offshore Compliance Procedures

  • Optimizing the use of the Foreign Tax Credits for Dual filers

  • Use of Florida Land Trusts and Cross Border Trusts for holding Real Estate in the US

  • Corporate Income taxes both Canada and US, Subpart F income, GILTI and repatriation

  • Partnerships and Flow-Through Entities 1065 and K-1’s

  • Estates and Trusts returns 1041, Estate taxes 706 and 706N

  • FIRPTA withholding compliance including 8288 preparation for Foreign Real Estate Vendors

  • 1042-S foreign tax withholding on effectively connected income

  • Foreign partners’ withholding including 8804 and 8805 preparation

  • PFICS and Trust forms 8621 and 3520

Investment Services

Investment Services

Cross Border Associates does not provide investment services.  We realize that most clients have established a relationship with their current financial advisor, so we plan to respect your relationship. However, if you do move across the border, the financial institution you are currently investing with must be licensed on both sides of the border.

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